"Final's credit card tackles security with unique numbers for each retailer."

— Engadget


Final has raised $1 million in seed funding from investors including Ludlow Ventures, T5 Capital Partners, Y Combinator and other fintech angels.


The Colorado start-up launched in October, quickly became a hit with the community of accelerator Y Combinator, and is tipped for mass adoption in 2015.


After being listed on the site, the secure credit card alternative Final jumped from 191 signups to nearly 10,000 overnight. Within 48 hours, they broke 20,000 signups.


The community that you join through an accelerator program is one that will be as valuable and long-lasting as you choose to make it.


Getting into a highly competitive, elite tech accelerator is not unlike getting into a highly competitive, elite university — if you rest on your acceptance, you’ll surely fail.


Perhaps the greatest advancement in credit card technology in recent memory, Final is promising major changes to the purchasing world.


Although ignored now by a majority of financial institutions because of their relatively light spending power, millennials will dictate the future of banking.


Launching: "Final" Credit Card with Integrated Disposable Card Numbers Captures Imagination of Product Hunt Geeks


At our core we believe ourselves to be a consumer advocacy company. Because of that, it's crucial for us to listen to potential Final users as often as possible.


Now, with the help of Final’s mobile and Web-based apps and plugins, and fraud very much on the minds of businesses and consumers alike, investors see an opportunity for this to succeed.


In the war against credit card fraud, a new smart credit card promises to offer consumers better security against the increasing threat of data breaches.


With Apple Pay and payment technology in the news, it’s encouraging to see a new player step into the ring and provide consumers with another payment option that has security in mind.

Credit Karma

Lots of promising startups bootstrapped or raised funds and launched (or teased) exciting products and innovative ideas this year in different industries.


'Final' will allow iPhone users to easily create a new credit card number for each retailer.

Apple Insider

Final's credit card tackles security with unique numbers for each retailer.


Final is what we built to take back control of our own credit cards for how and when we’re charged, instead of leaving it up to merchants.

Product Hunt

Move over Coin and Plastc, there’s one more smart card looking to replace your wallet.


Final knows what consumers need in this uncertain age of Target credit card hacking: a card with multiple numbers.

Wall Street Cheat Sheet

Final lets you give a unique credit card number to every merchant, or a disposable one-time use number for one-off purchases.

Hacker News

Promotional videos can be duller than Al Gore at a government tax summit. Apparently, these companies did not get the memo about sticking to the facts.



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